Admiralty And Maritime Law Audio Course

Admiralty And Maritime Law Audio Course - Admiralty and Maritime Law iv Chapter 2: Commercial Law 41 Introduction 41 Charter Parties 42 Definition and Types 42 The Contract 44 Typical Areas of Dispute 44. Providing global hydrographic and geospatial information to help you make informed maritime decisions. Our market-leading portfolio is found on over 90% of the world's ships trading internationally.. Maritime Law Courses. All our Maritime Law courses are delivered at our training centre in the UK, however we are also able to deliver them on-site at your premises, on-board your vessel or in a suitable location of your choosing..

Description: The course involves an analysis of the nature and scope of admiralty jurisdiction of federal and state courts. We will study substantive admiralty law in contexts such as personal injury and death of maritime workers, carriage of cargo in ocean and inland navigable waters and maritime liens.. Admiralty Law- Historical and jurisdictional perspective of maritime law; sources of maritime law and its relationship to land-based laws; uniformity; maritime law as it pertains to commerce, vessel ownership and operation, marine contracts, cargo, torts, employment, the environment, liens, salvage and navigation; maritime practice and procedure. An introduction to United States maritime law and admiralty jurisdiction emphasizing development of rules of maritime law and rights of seamen and maritime workers. Considers maritime liens, charter parties, salvage, collision, general average and limitation of liability, and developments relating to protection of the marine environment..

Get an update on the laws and current trends for handling all aspects of maritime law. 'An Overview of Maritime Law' offers insight and practical advice to a practitioner presented with a brown water, blue water or offshore energy claim.. Statutory Supplement to Admiralty and Maritime Law in the United States, Third Edition. In October 2000, he was invited by the China Maritime Law Association to deliver a paper on ‘Maritime Fraud and Scams’ in Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China..

Admiralty and Maritime Law. A field of law relating to, and arising from, the practice of the admiralty courts (tribunals that exercise jurisdiction over all contracts, torts, offenses, or injuries within maritime law) that regulates and settles special problems associated with sea navigation and commerce..

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